Why choose JerseyGramm? Jerseygramm is a new age urban company, which springs from the idea of using technology and efficient logistics in ways never used in deliveries of jerseys in Nigeria...in other words we are the First and Foremost in this.


JerseyGramm and Brandings is an innovative, reputable, fast-rising Jersey Ordering and Delivery service company, which has built a strong relationship with customers by making customer satisfaction, efficiency and infallible logistics its top priority.


JerseyGramm specialises in the sale of and supply of 1st grade (non-replica, best grades) jerseys nationwide and abroad we also educate our customers on the different types and grades of jerseys, which most customers unfortunately don’t know and end up Purchasing the wrong quality or second grade quality because the original and fake looking strikingly similar!


JerseyGramm sees a society of empowered sports fans with right and quality sports gear.