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 What are fake Jerseys football jerseys? These are basically football jerseys that do not meet quality specifications and requirements and you cannot be easily identify, below we will list 6 ways on how to identify fake football jerseys

Jerseys will and always will be the hype of every new season and nobody wants to deliberately purchase fake jerseys. Unfortunately due to this fact, some suppliers and sellers use this opportunity to rip off clients with fake jerseys especially due the fact they cant identify  them and know little or nothing about football jerseys. To avoid you wasting your money and get the best value for your money

There are so many people selling fake football jerseys that makes finding an authentic jersey online seem hard to believe. A lot of clients that come to Jerseygramm online store to purchase Nigeria Jerseys, European clubs jerseys or even other sport accessories have complained about their past deals with other vendors and we at Jerseygramm are always here to help dispel these issues and enlighten every sports lover who would very much want to buy original quality!

Due to the volume of complaints as well as request for advice from our teeming clients, we have decided to develop this article to help as many people who are tired of being cheated and want to know the truth about the difference between original and fake jerseys  and how to identify fake football jerseys get first-hand information so that they are no longer deceived by the pack of wolves parading themselves in sheep clothing.

 Now, check out some of the main factors that could help you in identifying fake football jerseys

  1. Price:

Price is the major characteristic that could easily help you spot fake football jerseys. Think about it this way, the cost of these jerseys in the foreign stores or malls where these jerseys are based range from $60 to $100. This is approximately 23,000 to 25,000 Naira, especially at the start of a new season.

So…why will your vendor sell at $15 to $25 (that is approximately N6000 to N10,000)? Something doesn’t add up right?… A very good example are the Nigeria jerseys that were sold during the 2018 world cup, most of them weren’t original, but you won’t have to worry about this time our track records speaks for itself as stated by critics

At least…if you want to buy a fake jersey, you should be fully aware within your mind, body and soul that you are wearing a fake jersey rather than being deceived its authentic. you can check out this article on 5 reasons you should not buy cheap jerseys so that you can begin to change your purchasing priorities in case are used to buying cheap jerseys.

 If the seller is offering you jerseys for less than $40, it’s likely that his supplies are counterfeit. These jerseys are available for around $100 at club stores. Then, how can a seller offer jerseys to you at such low prices? Moreover, he also needs to make some profits! Procuring soccer jerseys for $20 or $40 is not possible especially during the new season. You could get them at such low prices only if the stock is quite old or the season is almost over or as the season winds down the prices gradually drop. 

  1. Material:

The material of fake jerseys is low in quality. Often, the material is loosely woven and therefore fake jerseys hang lower than the original.

Note though the threading of authentic jerseys are conspicuous and neat… however, when it is loosely and roughly woven there is a problem. You could also feel the difference in the stretch of original and fake jerseys when you touch them.


 Unlike big brands like Adidas and Nike, the manufacturers of replicas and fakes don’t have sophisticated manpower for tailoring. Therefore, if the stitching of a jersey is poor, its definitely a fake jersey. Also if the jersey is too shiny bright or faded-most likely, its fake,this is an easy way to identify a fake jersey

4.    Badges 

 The stitching, colors, embroidery, cuts, and prints of badges of a fake soccer jersey can never match with that of the original. In some fake jerseys, you will find that the colors used in badges are of different shades, in some you would find the material of badge is different, and in some you would find differences in the cut of badges

5.    Location 

 There is a very big misconception that fake jerseys come from Asia… Totally wrong, what is true is the fact that the distribution source is not legit, or the supplier is not getting it from the legit source. Let us break it down further. Your favorite phones to apparels are majorly produced in Asia but the difference between you getting a fake and original is the distribution source. So the question is, is your supplier getting it from the legit source?

6. Compensation

 This is our favorite because it’s the easiest and most reliable way to spot a fake seller. So some jerseys do have issues which is rare…but if your supplier cannot offer you a new one for free or half the price, then something is fishy. Special quotas are given for these issues when they arise if you are dealing with legit supplier. Although they hardly arise, if however it occurs, the customer is covered.
So, next time you go online to shop for soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys, female jerseys, kids jerseys, tracksuits, pre-match polos and Quality Sneakers & Slides, make sure you take cognizance of all these factors so that you will not make mistakes of falling into the wrong hands. However, you can always be rest assured that Jerseygramm will always give you the authentic Jerseys and will never sell fake Jerseys. 

Kindly comment below, let me know what you think about these signs of fake jersey and if you have your own ways of identifying fake jerseys. You can equally share your experience purchasing jerseys online.