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So you have decided you want buy your original jerseys in Nigeria. Non-replica favorite football club or country’s jersey or basketball teams? Yay! However you are wondering, where to buy original jerseys in Nigeria probably searching for which online store to make your purchase. Yes i get it…!!!¬†

There are many online stores promising to give you quality and original jerseys in Nigeria at an incredibly low price ūüėŹūüėŹ. Some even claim to sell at prices that are by far lower than their cost price… and one wonders what quality of products they actually advertise ūüėÖūüėÖ.¬†

In addition to that, they even promise to customize your jerseys online as well as deliver your purchased items to your doorstep within a reasonable time but in reality,¬†“all na wash”.¬†

In this country, most folks are easily deceived by adverts that promise them quality products at cheap prices… (Where does that really happen?!) They fall victim to jerseys that starts peeling off within three months or less after purchase. Now tell me my most honorable readers; is this not a clear case of¬†“penny wise pound foolish?”¬†Let me know what you think about this in the comment section. The terrible aspect of this is that such online stores abound on the internet and makes it extremely difficult for genuine buyers to identify quality online stores. As the saying goes, because local car mechanics on duty wear clothes that are similar to that of mad men, it is difficult to differentiate between a sane mechanic and an insane man. However, a closer look at both individuals clearly speaks the obvious in volumes..! So it is, in the world of online sport stores especially when it comes to football jerseys and basketball jerseys. This is why Jerseygramm¬†is your best online shop to buy and customize jerseys purchased from their website.¬†

So why should you buy jerseys and other sport items from Jerseygramm? 

In order to answer that, first let me tell you a bit about Jerseygramm and Brandings;

Jerseygramm and Brandings was established in 2014 by its founder, Mr Faniyi Isaac. This company started as a small store, buying only few European club jerseys and delivering to few of his friends. It later gradually grew through dedication and steadfastness to a large e-store, having in stock more than 250 products and growing in the following categories;

They also have a staff strength of 50+ who are always dedicated to ensure your satisfaction 24/7.

Jerseygramm has, as its vision, to be the BIGGEST and the BEST online sports store in Africa where its brand name will be a household name among football and basketball loving fans. 

The company’s motto is to drive customer satisfaction through the delivery of the best quality sports products in Nigeria and Africa.

Their goal is to see a society of empowered sports fans with right and quality sports gear

Jerseygramm have had an enviable history of selling only authentic quality jerseys that last the test of time, with more than 2000 satisfied customers who regularly return to the website to purchase more items. So, i can confidently say that they deliver quality, trust, confidence truthfulness and ethics in business.

Now, according to the CEO/Managing Director of the e-store, Mr. Faniyi Isaac, below are the ten reasons why you should never fail to buy your soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys, tracksuits, pre-match polo as well as authentic sneakers from Jerseygramm;

  1. Our jerseys are sourced only from authorized manufacturers in the UK, the major reason we are the only suppliers to major web malls and brands in Nigeria. And we can prove that too!!!
  2. We are the first sports eCommerce store that sells player and fan custom jerseys. Which makes us unique and our products. highly in demand. Check out this  write up on Player (stadium) and fan custom jerseys РWhich one should i buy?
  3.  We are the first and the oldest Jersey store in partnership with Jumia, the biggest webmall in African as well as Konga because we have proved and continued to prove that we walk the talk when it comes to delivery of quality and authenticity. 
  4. We have sold more than 2500  jerseys with a 98% satisfactory rate. Check out some of our real reviews.
  5. Our jerseys and other products go through the best quality control service before delivery.  This is very necessary to remove or eliminate to the barest minimum, any chance of shipping out faulty jerseys or sneakers and our customers love us for this extra meticulous exercise because their satisfaction is always guaranteed.
  6. Our website has been rated the best to meet international standards as the best sports eCommerce store in Nigeria.
  7. We offer after sales service for every products purchased from our store to ensure you get the best of it.
  8. We have worked with notable celebrities and organizations  in Nigeria including Firstbank, Total,Unilever, just to name a few.
  9. We offer nationwide and international delivery with notable partnership with DHL, KOS, NIPOST to name a few
  10. We offer 24/7 assistance on any issue regarding our products and availability. We also offer exhaustive feedback to any inquiries about our products with proofs if need be.


Check out some kind feedback from our clients via social media.They are currently enjoying the benefits of purchasing and customizing authentic jerseys through Jerseygramm.

You can buy and write your name on any home and away, short sleeve or long sleeve jerseys for major European clubs like 

Manchester United, 



Manchester City


NewCastle United

Tottenham Hotspur 

Real madrid,


Atletico Madrid, 



AS Roma



Borussia Dortmund,

Bayern Munich,

AC Milan, 

Inter Milan

just to mention a few. Not forgetting that original quality countries’ national jerseys like¬†

Nigeria Super Eagles world cup jerseys,

Super Eagles 2018 national anthem jackets and

 tribute floral uniform.

¬†Other countries’ national team jerseys available include











All are non-replica grade

Why spend your hard earned money to buy replica or sub standard jerseys which starts peeling off between 3 to 6 months after purchase? Jerseys purchased via Jerseygramm last for a long time even if you wear and wash them regularly. They DO NOT SELL FAKE OR SUBSTANDARD JERSEYS because, quality and value for money are their key business pivots. 

Ready to shop now? Visit the website on where to buy original jerseys in Nigeria or whatsapp 08079717456 to place your order now.